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Tannoy Arundel

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Recommended amplifier power: 50-200W (RMS / channel 8ohm)
Peak power handling: 500W
Impedance: 8 ohms nominal
Impedence: 5,5 ohms minimum
Sensitivity (1W @ 1m): 92dB (anechoic)
Sensitivity (1W @ 1m): 95dB (domestic)
Frequency response (+/- 3dB): 32Hz-20kHz

Phase response: 90Hz-10kHz +/- 12°
Time compensation: Better than +/- 10µsec. 90Hz-10kHz
Dispersion: 90° horizontal & vertical
Dispersion: (including angle @ -6dB points @ 10 kHz)
Distortion: Less than 2% 3rd harmonic at half power 80Hz-20kHz
Distortion: Less than 0,5% 3rd harmonic for 90dB 40Hz-20kHz
Distortion: Less than 2% 3rd harmonic for 110dB 80Hz-20kHz
Distortion: Less than 5% 3rd harmonic for 113dB 80Hz-20kHz

Driver type: Dual Concentric, high compliance type 3839
Driver type: Diameter 380mm (15″)
Crossover type: Passive, low loss, time compensated type 1019
Crossover frequency: 1kHz
Crossover controls: Energy: shelving, +/-6dB over 1kHz-20kHz
Crossover controls: Roll-off: slope, +3dB/-6dB per octave 5-20kHz

Cabinet construction: 18mm high density particle board with
Cabinet construction: rigid cross-bracing and bitumen damping
Cabinet finish: Real walnut veneers, baffle finished in hand laid cork
Grille: 3-piece detachable. Oatmeal cloth on wood frames
Grille: (replaced with black cloth)
Bass loading: Single ducted port
Cabinet internal volume: 180 litres
Cabinet dimensions (h x w x d): 1000 x 498 x 489mm
Cabinet weight: 46kg



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