Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor


Sonus Faber Cremona Auditor

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Specifications (auditor M)
– System: 2 way vented box loudspeaker.
– Cabinet: lute shape design, combination of sandwich construction obtained using hand selected wood layers and solid maple, quality graded and oriented for carefully optimized resonances and standing waves control.
– Tweeter: 25 mm ultra dynamic ring radiator-driver.
– Mid-woofer: 150 mm cone driver with symmetric drive motor system and selected black wood fiber cone, high resolution, treated for break-up control. Dynamic linear suspension. Sonus faber Exclusive.
– Cross-over: non-resonant first order design, optimized phase characteristics for optimal space / time performance, cross-over point 2.500 hz.
– Frequency response: 50 hz – 30.000 hz, tuning ports included.
– Sensitivity: 88 db spl (2,83 v/1m).
– Nominal impedance: 4 ohm.
– Power handling: 40w – 150w, without clipping.
– Finish: natural maple.
– Dimensions: 353 x 202 x 365 mm (hxwxd).

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