Fostex 812


Fostex 812


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12-kanavainen mikseripöytä.

  • An 8-channel output, providing the perfect combination with an 8-track multitrack recorderTwo
  • Effect Sends (monaural) and an Auxiliary Send (stereo), allowing a variety of sound effect processes possible.
  • The capability to send the AUX signal (while monitoring the recorder output signal) to the Effect Send 2 output, making it possible to, for example, cast a reverberation on this signal and thus simulate the recording environment without tampering with the output signals to the recorder.
  • Two parametric and one shelving equalizers, giving more flexibility to tone control, and, with the use of a solo moni¬tor function and mute function, the mixing process is made even more easy.
  • Three stereo Effect Returns, allowing connections to vari¬ous sound effect processors without sacrificing input channels to accept the output signals from the processors.
  • A DC24V phantom power source, enabling hookup to a high quality condenser microphone.

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