Yarland PM7-IV


Yarland PM7-IV


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Erittäin hyvä A-luokan putkietunen.

Putkina tällä hetkellä 2 x JJ ECC802S ja 2 x ECC803S

Alkuperäinen kaukosäädin.

Kunto mint.

Impulse Tube: Ecc802/12AU7 * 2
Signal Tube: Ecc803/12AX7 * 2
Working State: Class A / SINGLE END
Bias Voltage State: Self-bias
Rated Full – Power Bandwidth: 20hz To 100khz -0.5db
Output Load Impedance: 10k
SNR: 91db
Channel Balance: 0.5db
Input Impedance At 1khz 100K
Input Terminal: Cd / Aux1 / Aux2 / Aux3
Output Terminal without
Power Consumption: 80w
Product Size: 400 * 280 * 80(mm)
Weight : 9 Kg

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