Technics SL-1210 M5G


Technics SL-1210 M5G

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30th Anniversary Model. Erittäin hieno.

Product Description

The SL-1210M5G Grand Master Direct Drive Turntable offers even more features then the standard-setting SL-1200MK2 or the newly introduced SL-1200MK5. Technologically advanced tonearm modifications virtually eliminate skipping making it awesome for scratching, and now you can customize braking speeds to suit your applications. Another great feature of the SL-1210M5G is the zero pitch Quartz-Lock button and expanded pitch range options: ±8% or ±16% via computerized pitch control, with blue LED numbers indicating the amount of pitch adjustment currently applied. A second button next to the pitch reset button allows switching between the two levels of pitch adjustment.

Quartz Direct Drive accuracy with computerized pitch adjustment up to 16%
Very high torque motor for quick start-ups (only 0.07 seconds stop to speed)
Custom brake speed control
Stylus Kick Cancel
Exchangeable pitch slider
Super cool blue LED pop-up work light
Built-in anti-skate adjustment up to 6g
Arm-end scale for quick weight setting
Molded aluminum diecast cabinet and heavy rubber base material help absorb unwanted vibrations from the dance floor
Professional Technics slipmat
Highly sensitive low-mass tone arm with gimbaled suspension

Täältä lisää:

Concorde Night Club MKII äänirasia, jossa erittäin hyväkuntoinen alkuperäisneula. Lisäksi alkuperäinen Technics-rasiakelkka. Alkuperäinen laatikko styrokseineen ja huopamatto. Lisäpaino äänivarrelle, singlekeskiö, äänirasian asetustyökalu.

Teknisesti huippukunnossa. Kaikki pinnat hienot. Kansi lähes naarmuton. Tarkastettu, koekäytetty.

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